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Le protectionnisme gagne du terrain ? La Commission européenne se désole ...

Le protectionnisme gagne du terrain ? La Commission européenne se désole ...

Messagepar voxpop » Mer 04 Sep 2013 17:55

La Commission européenne vient de publier son 10ème rapport annuel sur les mesures " potentiellement restrictives pour le commerce international ", autrement dit, sur le protectionnisme. Il couvre la période du 1er mai 2012 au 31 mai 2013.

La Direction générale pour le Commerce, de la Commission, ouvre le débat avec un vibrant éloge du libre-échange, en parfaite harmonie avec le dogme ultralibéral, dont elle est un propagateur zélé depuis quelques décennies :
" Since and during 2012 the state of the world economy has continued to improve. Demand from advanced economies is on track to getting back to normal, although differences persist among the output performances of developed countries. Meanwhile, the expectation is that growth in the developing and emerging world will continue to be sustained. Notably, the resilience of many emerging economies in developing Asia has been a crucial factor allowing them to grow even when global conditions were not favourable. Yet as international production processes rely heavily on the linkages between the production centres in advanced and developing economies through complex value chains, trade remains an important source of economic growth, not only for developed economies, which are still key drivers of global demand, but also for developing and emerging countries. In this context, further impediments to trade, as we see them occurring, are bound to have negative consequences on global growth and to delay the overall recovery process.
The upcoming G20 Summit to be held in St Petersburg on 5-6 September 2013 is yet another occasion for G20 leaders to reflect on the above paradigm, and to confirm the need to preserve unimpeded trade, as well as to reaffirm the commitment not to resort to trade-restrictive measures during the crisis period and to rectify without delay any measure
introduced. Looming protectionism is now, more than ever, a significant threat to global growth and welfare, especially as the effects of the economic downturn are still being felt.

Elle se désole ensuite de la résurgence du protectionnisme dans un certain nombre de pays, dont les émergents :
" Between 1 May 2012 and 31 May 2013 154 new measures were adopted and only 18 measures were lifted. This represents a slightly slower monthly increase in newly adopted measures compared to the previous period of observation. However, the pace of removal remained very weak, and the increase in the application of certain types of measures or their application in certain areas remains very worrying. Ultimately, the total number of potentially trade-restrictive measures observed since October 2008 grew to 688. This means that in the last 33 months, more than 350 new measures were adopted, which still represents a high average of more than 10 new measures per month, each of them with the potential to negatively and unnecessarily affect world trade.
In particular, emerging economies led by: Argentina, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, China and also recently South Africa and Ukraine continued to apply the highest number of potentially trade-restrictive measures. This is a striking phenomenon. Economic growth, the development of efficient value chains, and export activities are intrinsically dependent on imports, so developing countries should have a real interest in avoiding and combatting impediments to trade. By keeping their markets open, these fast developing economies would not only strengthen their competitiveness but also contribute to the economic recovery of other parts of the world, and to an increase in global demand, upon which they themselves depend to a significant extent.

Et pour finir :
" The Commission will continue to closely monitor the measures envisaged or adopted by third countries and, when necessary, will address them using the full range of tools available under the EU Market Access Strategy. "
Autrement dit, la Commission usera de tous les moyens possibles pour contrecarrer les mesures protectionnistes prises par des pays tiers.

Bref, à la DG Commerce de la Commission, Panurge est toujours au pouvoir :
La course à la compétitivité ou Panurge au pouvoir

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